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Voice For Life

To Value and Protect Human Life



Voice For Life is New Zealand’s oldest and largest pro-life organisation.

We have been advocating tirelessly for the voiceless and vulnerable for over 50 years. Our commitment to building the culture of life has taken different forms since we began our advocacy in March 1970.

 Our advocacy and work

Being a voice for the voiceless even when you speak alone



Ending a life that is just beginning

Since the 1970’s abortion activists have been chanting “My body, my choice!” But what this often repeated mantra completely fails to acknowledge that there are at least two human beings, two bodies involved in every single pregnancy. If human life truly matters, then surely ALL human lives must be respected and not just the born ones?

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The Facts and The Fallacies

Euthanasia is often presented as empowerment and choice, and a compassionate answer to suffering. But the true reality is much different and darker. What starts as a choice to die for some can quickly become a duty to die for many other vulnerable members of the community.

 As Seen On

 Our frontline advocacy for the culture of life

Engaging the difficult conversations with charity, conviction and depth


Protecting vulnerable Kiwis from the End of Life Choice Act

#DefendNZ presents stories of New Zealanders who would be put at risk of premature death by lethal drugs if the End of Life Choice Act became law. 

Vote for the Vulnerable
They had their vote, now it's our turn!

Vote for the Vulnerable was your chance to tell MPs and election candidates that the extreme Abortion Legislation Act was passed without your support, and that it had informed your vote at the 2020 election.

We Deserve Better
A new conversation about abortion by Kiwi women

Listen to the concerns of Kiwi women who want more than the tired old slogans about abortion. Women who want a more caring and compassionate answers to the challenges of an unplanned or difficult pregnancy.


 Listen to Pulse

The podcast of Voice For Life NZ, featuring pro-life interviews, commentary, and news!


 Coming Up


 Voice For Life Media

Our latest press releases and articles


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Becoming an official member of Voice for Life is quick and easy and it connects you with a team of awesome pro-life people and events all over New Zealand.


Become the voice in your city or town!

Get active with Voice for Life in your local community

Voice for Life has teams all around the country that are waiting for people like you to join them in their advocacy for the culture of life. 


Partner with us in the mission for life!

Become a financial supporter of our important work

Without your generous support our pro-life work simply isn’t possible. A one-off donation or regular AP makes all the difference in the world to our life-saving efforts.


Got time and talent, to make a difference?

Join our team of passionate pro-life volunteers!

Our vision for the next 50 years is to cultivate the culture of life in New Zealand, and we need all the volunteer support we can get to help achieve that vision.

Voice For Life Youth

The future of the pro-life movement

Voice For Life Youth is a movement of young pro-lifers from all over Aotearoa New Zealand who are passionate about defending the rights of the unborn and their vulnerable mothers.

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Our online shop offers Voice For Life merch, and in time, pro-life resources, books and more, that will equip you to become an effective voice for the culture of life.