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Petition: Repeal the Abortion Legislation Act 2020


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Our Parliament may have forgotten the unborn and their often-vulnerable mothers, but we will not.

We will continue to call for justice in the face of this extreme law.

We the undersigned call on the House of Representatives to Repeal the Abortion Legislation Act 2020.

We need 100,000 signatures.


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The Abortion Legislation Act has completely erased any recognition of the right an unborn child has to life.

This Act was not necessary to prevent women who seek an abortion from being criminalised. That claim was simply cover for creating a new regime in which an unborn child may be aborted right up until and even during birth, and for just about any reason – or no reason at all. 

Our previous abortion law only permitted a lawful late term abortion if two doctors agreed it was necessary to save the life of a mother or to prevent serious permanent injury to her mental or physical health. 

The new Abortion Legislation Act removed all of those restrictions.

The end result was a new law, where the effect of that law is to permit lawful late term abortions to be performed by a medical practitioner up until and even during birth, as long as a medical practitioner reasonably believes that the abortion is “clinically appropriate” in the circumstances.

The medical practitioner no longer needs to be a doctor; there no longer needs to be any risk of death or serious permanent injury to mental or physical health; and two doctors are no longer required to approve late term abortions - one medical practitioner simply has to “consult’ another medical practitioner.

Numerous amendments to provide basic protections for the unborn child were also rejected by the NZ Parliament during the passing of this Act.

Like the Supplementary Order Paper by Simon O’Connor MP that would have provided, for the avoidance of doubt, that there was a duty to provide medical care and treatment to a child born alive in the event of an unsuccessful abortion. 

Or Supplementary Order Paper 478, which would have made it an offence to abort an unborn child based solely on grounds of sex selection.

Or Supplementary Order Paper 479, which would have made it an offence to abort an unborn child based solely on grounds of disability.

There are better alternatives to the violence of abortion, so we will continue to work for a New Zealand where abortion is unthinkable and unnecessary.