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A day of learning about how to be a more effective voice on life issues.

Whether you’re someone who is passionate about pro-life issues like abortion and euthanasia, or you’re someone who is new to all of this and you just want to know how you can start making a difference, you need to be at Build The Pro-Life Future!

Featuring highly regarded pro-life communicator Brendan Malone, Voice For Life National President Kate Cormack, and more, this special one-day event across four cities, will empower you with knowledge and equip you with practical resources you can use to engage more effectively on pro-life issues in your local community.

5 Reasons to Register:

  1. Meals are provided!

  2. Meet the local and national Voice For Life teams!

  3. This is an important meeting that all pro-lifers need to be at!

  4. Listen to engaging keynote speaker, Brendan Malone!

  5. Get a heads-up on exciting new campaigns coming soon!

Incredible Sessions include:

  • ‘Life after Roe v. Wade: Understanding the past to change the future’

  • ‘How to change hearts and minds about abortion’

  • ‘#DefendNZ: The coming euthanasia crisis and what we can do about it’

  • ‘How to build a pro-life culture at your place – why YOU are more important than you realise’

  • Voice For Life Youth Pizza Party


About Keynote Speaker, Brendan Malone

Brendan has spent the past 18 years speaking at conferences, churches, schools and other events about pro-life issues. For the past 12 years he has also trained pro-lifers in New Zealand and Australia at the ACTIV8 Pro-Life Training Week – an initiative he launched with two Voice For Life members back in 2011. Brendan has a weekly cultural commentary podcast called The Dispatches, which regularly trends on iTunes and Spotify, as well as a monthly livestream video show with National MP Simon O'Connor and former Conservative party deputy leader Elliot Ikilei called The Panel. He is a married father of five, a vocation that he considers to be his most important work in life.


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